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How To Create Google Sites for Hosting Audio File How To Create Google Sites for Hosting Audio File

How To Create Google Sites for Hosting Audio Files


Google Sites is a multipurpose wiki and web page creation tool offered by Google to help anyone create websites where people can collaborate or  host and share files such as audios, videos and other files. In this article, you’ll learn how to create and design Google Sites in just a few easy steps.

How To Create Google Sites

First of all, go to the site using this Link and Sign in using your Google email address and password or create a new account.

Now, you need to click on Create button from top-left corner.

Google sites -techkristal.com.ng

After that, you need to give title to your site and select a template for it. You may select any template and give any name of your choice as we are only using it to host the audio file that’s all. I am using Audio Files as file name and Blank as template.

Ones you have given the name, it will generate the URL of your Google site automatically; you may also change it by clicking on it and make use of different one from title. Now scroll down and mark the box, I’m not a Robot.

Now, once you are done with setting up these things select Create button from top.

Now your site will be ready. However, you cannot add any audio or other files directly to the site. Therefore, you need to create a File Cabinet on your site to start uploading files on it.

Now to create a file cabinet, on the same page of your site, you need to click on Create New Page button from top.

Now, give title to the new page. Then you from “select any template to use” select File Cabinet, and lastly select Create button from top.

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