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How To Read New WhatsApp Messages From A Floating Widget


       WhatsApp is effortlessly a standout amongst the most well known informing applications that individuals utilize, second maybe to Facebook Messenger. In the previous year, WhatsApp has gotten numerous updates some great, some not all that great like the ‘Seen’ reports it now conveys. It makes utilizing the application somewhat precarious however you can turn the ‘Seen’ report off. In the event that you’d want to keep the ‘Seen’ cover yet at the same time work around it, try Chat Helper for WhatsApp out. It’s a free Android gadget that adds an exquisite skimming catch to your screen. The catch conveys an identification to demonstrate the quantity of new/new messages and when tapped, it extends to give you a chance to peruse the message. Your beneficiary doesn’t realize that you’ve perused the message and it stays ‘new’.
Chat Helper for WhatsApp(techkristal)

Introducing Chat Helper for WhatsApp is simple however empowering it is somewhat irritating. Open the application and empower ‘Accessibility Service’. Inside this arrangement of alternatives, search for the ‘Visit Helper’ choice and empower it. You will get an on-screen warning to permit the application to make gadgets and to set it to dependably permit the application to make gadgets. This warning may fly up a few times and it requires very some investment to tap ‘Make’ each time. Once the application has been empowered, the gadget will show up on your screen.
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The gadget can be moved around to wherever on your screen. Tap to grow it and read a message. You can stick a message with the goal that it says open. The message, and the gadget will drift over all applications. To get the gadget to go to the back of the screen when another application is dynamic, go to the ‘Perceivability’ tab inside the application and pick which applications the gadget should remain over, and which not to.
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chat Helper for WhatsApp has ads which makes it marginally irritating to utilize yet the advertisements just fly up when you change to WhatsApp so they aren’t exceptionally nosy.

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