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Airtel Unlimited Browsing Trick- 2018 - Techkristal Airtel Unlimited Browsing Trick- 2018 - Techkristal

Airtel Unlimited Browsing Trick- 2018

Airtel Unlimited Browsing cheat




This Airtel Unlimited browsing won’t work for you if you’re using a less smartphone i.e phone lesser than version 4.2, it’s strongly recommended you use chrome or firefox to browse else you might find some difficulties when Browsing

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited Trick

1. you must have up to 200 naira on your sim or Load
Airtel 200 naira on your sim.
2. Dial *482*4# , you will receive invalid request
3. Relax, just reply with * then reply with 1. You will
then receive 2g data subscription.
4. Remove your sim card for 5 mins.
5. put back the sim, dail *144*1*12*3# and backdate
your date to 1/1/1960
6. Open your opera mini and type any website URL,
7. The stronger your smart phone the more your
chances of the browser to open.
8. if it those not open for your low phone, then
change date to 20/1/2018
That’s all, then start browsing unlimited on a 3G

Note: Your phone will be automatically powered to browse unlimited on a 3G Airtel Nigeria network

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