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Create or set single name account on Facebook Create or set single name account on Facebook

Create Or Set Single Name Account On Facebook without Proxy Settings Or VPN -2018


Many bloggers came up with different tricks on how to create single name account on facebook or edit their profile to single name . Many of these tricks are spam and may compromise your account.

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 Well, here is a simple method explaining how to create a single name account on Facebook. The joy  of this tutorial is that it requires no proxy settings or VPN. 

Part 1 : How To Create New Single Name Account on Facebook.

  As per rule it is not possible to Make account on Facebook without Last name. But if you want to make your Facebook profile with First name without using last name then simply follow my given steps.

Steps to follow

Open any browser on your phone.e. g Opera mini, chrome e.t.c
Type  any of these URL in the URL box in the browser.

Single name setup

Enter mbasic.facebook.com in the URL box
Then click GO and wait for it to load.

you’ll notice that language changes from English to Bahasa Indonesia. The pictures will guide you through.

-click on “Buat Akum Baru” to create new account

Fill up your new facebook account form as shown in the sample  picture above. Then click “daftar” to enter.

Click on “ubah” to change to your country and put your correct phone number to verify that you’re not a robot.

You can now change your language back to your preferred language.

Part 2: How To Set Your Facebook Account To Single Name Account.

In this part we will be following the same steps in part 1 but here you will have to log in your already created account.


  1. Login your account
  2. Locate and Click on “Pengaturan & Privasi” at the bottom of the home page
  3. Locate and Click on “Umum”
  4. Then click on “sunting” to edit your name
  5. Fill only the first name
  6. And confirm your password.


Note:- Make Sure that You have full access to your account. That is, you can login with both email and phone number because it’s likely you get your account temporarily disabled and you need to unlock your account by verifying it with the phone number you registered with. And make sure that you haven’t already changed your account name in last 60 days or otherwise you will not be able to make single name until you crossed 60 days time period. If you crossed name change limit then it is not possible try it on another account.

If you face any problem regarding this trick feel free to share your comment, we will be glad to help you.


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